About Me

So, who am I?


In case you are wondering, my name is James Angus. I’m 24 years old, born and raised in Sheffield but I now live in the city of York after going to university (York St John, if you’re curious).

My interest in photography started back when I was in college, studying media TV &a Film production. Cameras fascinated me, but back then my knowledge was limited. So when I went to university, I saved up some money and invested myself with my first DSLR camera.

Apart from learning whilst I was at university, my skill set and experience with a DSLR camera have been self taught over time. Whenever I had some free time I would head out the house and take pictures of anything and everything. The sample of images that you can see on this website have been mostly practice and experimentation. Learning how to use the body, lenses and techniques has been a fun and challenging process.

With this I’ve been investing my time into trying to help support others with whatever they’re needing media wise. Helping photograph from things such as socials, big or small events and even weddings (images for that will be up soon!). I love being around people and I think it’s great that I can capture the moment for people so it’s gives them a visual memory.

Have I learnt a lot? Yes. Expert? Far from it? But willing to grow and help people with what I have got? Absolutely.

This is me. If you want to contact me for literally anything: